Informed Consent Process

Confidentiality and Technology

For all counselling done online, I use a platform called This is to ensure the upmost security and confidentiality for both myself and my clients.

All correspondence is secure and encrypted which includes the payment transactions. Due to this reason, I would encourage my clients to not discuss any confidential matters over a social networking site, email or texts as I can’t guarantee the security. These are okay however for making appointments, changes or cancellations.

Privacy Police
All records and process notes are property of the counsellor, although my clients are welcome to see the notes I make at any time. My process notes are stored in a locked filing cabinet and are destroyed when our counselling has come to an end, this is due to them only being used as a reminder of details of what we have discussed. My official notes are stored electronically in line with GDPR. The notes I keep are kept for a period of 7 years, and will be destroyed at that point.

**I do not share these notes with any third party, however in extreme cases they can be subpoenaed by a court if it is deemed necessary to a case**

Scope of Practice
Scope of Practice indicates the specific area to which a practitioner may practice. Due to different laws (and ethical considerations) surrounding counselling in different countries, it is really important (for both myself and the client) to establish the geographic area as there are boundaries and parameters that need to be adhered too.

Dual Relationships
Any request for “friendship”, business contacts, direct or @replies within social media sites will be ignored. This is to preserve the integrity of the therapeutic relationship and protect confidentiality.

Session Disruption
Should we encounter a technical issue which disrupts our session, I will call you (if previously agreed) to either reschedule our session or continue via a secure network if convenient for both parties.